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Hauling Interstellar cargo to save the fate of the colonies!

With the fate of your Space Colony hanging in the balance, you must become the Engineer of your mighty Space Train and prove that your home is worth saving! Grab random junk and relics from out in the cosmos and attach them to your powerful locomotive, hauling them back to Earth Station for their value. But there's a catch, the other Space Train Engineers are also vying to save THEIR colonies as well! Battle it out and make sure that your colony is the one to survive the culling in Trains in Space!


Trains in Space is a competitive tabletop card game with elements of strategy, luck and bluffing in order to win. Easy to pick up and learn, and fun to share! Randomized elements allow the game to be new and fresh each time you play.


The game will pit players (known as Engineers) against one another as each strives to end the game with the most valuable haul of cargo on his or her Space Train. Events occur throughout the journey to derail the plans even the most careful strategists. And with all Engineers having access to the Conflict deck, head-to-head combat is almost guaranteed. And an early-lead can quickly be turned around.  


Exciting gameplay, tongue-in-cheek humor, and fun visuals help make this a great game that's fun for all ages and is sure to delight!


Players: 2-4 players

Game time:  30-60 minutes. 

Ages: 10+

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Twitter: @TrainsInSpace



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