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Making fun and creative games to brighten your day and make you smile.

Welcome to Simtrek Labs LLC.

Simtrek labs has always stood for innovative ideas and creative thinking. From the early days where it was a place-holder for clever projects, right up to present day where it encompasses many different creative minds collaborating together; Simtrek Labs strives to bring excellence to each of our endeavors.

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About Our Business

Started from very humble beginnings (as most things do), Simtrek Labs began as a series of projects on a to-do list. The thought of hanging such projects under the banner of a company name wasn't even on the table. But as more ideas and projects caught the attention of friends and family, a bigger idea was formed; one where the best of these projects could be shared with others and made available commercially. So Simtrek Labs was born out of the passion for creating fun ideas and seeing them brought to life with the right resources and help.

Today, the company is still gaining ground and leveling-up. But with each new idea published, it grows a bit more, getting better and better.

Currently​ in production...

> Trains in Space (Pre-Order)

>Privateers Among the Stars (coming soon)

>Battle Escorts (coming soon)

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